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Come in for a sample of, "The best pralines you'll ever taste." Our New Orleans Authentic Pralines are made with the finest ingredients that produce a unique taste.This family recipe has been passed down through many generations. The best pralines I ever tasted were made by the hands of my mother, Mabel. The story of Mabel's Gourmet Pralines shop begins with her.

Growing up in the south we had pecan trees in the back yard. In late October or early November after a hard rain, our backyard would be covered with pecans. I would fill my little wooden wagon with the pecans and spend the day cracking and shelling them. My mother would begin the process of making pralines. The aroma of praline candy would fill the house and I would wait around the kitchen to get the spoon when she was finished..

My mother always emphasized the importance of using the freshest and finest ingredients. She explained that this was how she maintained the original praline flavor she enjoyed as a little girl. When I was only seven years old, my mother taught me how to make, "The best pralines you'll ever taste."

Today as we prepare Authentic New Orleans Pralines at our Long Beach Candy Shop, we still emphasize quality. Over all the years we have never changed one ingredient. When you experience our authentic pralines, you will agree that the exclusive and decadent taste will take you back to your grandma's kitchen.

In 2000 I began sharing my family's secret recipe with others. In November 2006 Mabel's Gourmet Pralines candy shop opened in beautiful Downtown Long Beach, CA bringing it's southern tradition to the west coast.


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Come in today for a sample and you will agree that Mabel's Pralines are...